Uses of Nembutal Pentobarbital

Uses of Nembutal Pentobarbital

Typical applications for pentobarbital are sedative, short term hypnoticpreanestheticinsomnia treatment, and control of convulsions in emergencies.

Abbott Pharmaceutical discontinued manufacture of their Nembutal brand of Pentobarbital capsules in 1999, largely replaced by the benzodiazepine family of drugs. Pentobarbital was also widely abused, known on the street as “yellow jackets”. They were available as 30, 50, and 100-milligram capsules of yellow, white-orange, and yellow colors, respectively.

It is also used as a veterinary anesthetic agent.

Pentobarbital can reduce intracranial pressure in Reye’s syndrome, treat traumatic brain injury and induce coma in cerebral ischemia patients. Pentobarbital-induced coma has been advocated in patients with acute liver failure refractory to mannitol

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